Chilean Grapes

Chilean grape is source of vitamin in terms of A, C and B6. It is also a source of a number of important minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium. Our grapes are produced in our farms in North and Central Chile and consumed between February and May. The grape is mainly exported to the Asian market. Our exported grape varieties are Red Globe, Crimson, Thompson and Autumn Royal.

Chilean Grape Orders

1. Demand

Our client, who wants to buy grape from Chile, sends us container-based requests. After the request, detailed discussions are made by our profesional teamwork.

2. Supply

The requested product is started to be investigated by producers and exporters. Technical analyzes of existing products and photographs of samples taken from the site are sent to our customer along with the price. If the product is liked, a sales agreement is signed.

3. Delivery!

According to the agreement, our client transfers advance payment (usually 20%) to the exporter's account. The product is loaded and dispatched to container under the supervision of the Ministry of Health authorities and our. Before the container reaches the destination port, the remaining amount is paid to the exporter and the customs documents are delivered to our customers.